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Here is where I will outline the cost of items bought for the wedding.  At the end we will look at the total to see how much it all cost.  I will place a * next to items where I received a discount in exchange for posting about the product I used, but will make sure to list the actual cost that I would have paid if I hadn't worked out the deal.  This way anyone looking to make a beautiful, but cost effective wedding of their own will be able to accurately see what mine cost.
Here is the tally so far:

Plastic Champagne Glasses for the toast: Cost $4.49 for 10 I purchased a total of 140 or 14 packages of 10.  This cost $62.86 plus tax (shipping was free since they had a deal for free shipping on orders over 50) Since the weddings will be mostly family and small I should be able to split the number of glasses and use them at both weddings which will divide the cost between the two weddings.

*Makeup Mini for Bridesmaid Gift Bag: I only plan on having family for the wedding party on the West Coast and haven't yet started on collecting for the East Coast so this product will reflect the West Coast wedding only.  For the Bridesmaid Gift Bag I thought it would be nice to give them a small makeup collection that they can use for their every day purse as well.  They cost $11.99 and I purchased 4 of them for a total of $47.96 plus tax (shipping was free since the order was over $35.00).

*Family Values Kid's CD: Since my weddings will have kids I think it's important to get some kid music at them both.  I will use the CD at both weddings which will split the amount spent between the two.  The cost of the CD is $14.99 which divides into $7.50 per wedding

*Love is a SuperPower Kid's CD: A kid friendly wedding means offers some kid friendly music thrown in the mix.  I will use this CD at both weddings which will split the amount spent between the two.  The cost of the CD is $14.95 which divides into $7.48 per wedding.

*Handcrafted Pen: I think its important to get special gifts for a special day.  This pen is perfect for all things signed on a special day or as a gift that no one can get anywhere else.  It will be used in the West Coast Wedding and retails around $30.00.

Guest Gift Bags: found mine on ebay and used the auction to snag 50 for $2.00.  These fit the East Coast wedding and will be put in my packaway storage box for that wedding.

Flower Girl Dress's West Coast: I looked at flower girl dresses online and was amazed at the cost!  Mostly around $100.00!  I naturally thought about making it for the West Coast wedding but already have a ton on my plate to make.  I went to ebay.  It took 3 weeks but I got two dresses (in case something happens to one in transit) I won one for $8.50 and the other for $11.00.  This puts the total cost for both at under the cost in a store!  Total Cost for West Coast dress: $19.50 and my daughter picked them both!

Flower Girl Veil West Coast: My daughter wanted to wear a veil so I went back online and instead of ordering a child's veil I ordered an adult veil that is short with comb attached, this way it will be her size and I'll have less sewing to do.  I was able to find one on ebay for $0.99.  I purchases some small handmade ribbon roses to decorate. 50 piece green for $0.99, 50 piece dark blue for $0.99, 20 piece purple for $0.99, dark green $0.99.

Flower Girl Veil East Coast: I went ahead and got a veil off ebay for my daughter by ordering a short adult veil for $2.02. To decorate the veil I purchase on ebay some small handmade ribbon roses for $0.99.

100g New Magic Purple Crystal Soil Water Plant Growing Beads: Since, I plan on having some flowers I wanted them to look good in their vase so I spent 3 weeks bidding on ebay until I snagged 100g of these for only $2.75 retails at $5.00 and up! These will be used at the West Coast Wedding.

Lilac Faux Pearl Glass Headband: This is for my little girls hair, so she can take it out if it bugs here and I can easily attach some tulle to the top of it for a little veil of her own with low cost.  Won it after 1 week on ebay for $ 1.00.  Will use at West Coast Wedding only! 

Satin handkerchief: I won three in Navy on ebay for $0.01, $0.16, and $0.06 after 3 weeks, which will be used at the West Coast Wedding. Total cost of $0.23.  I won one Black on ebay for $0.01 after 3 weeks, which will be used on the East Coast Wedding.  

5 Silk Fake Flower Heads: I won this on ebay for $3.24.  I accidentally misplaced a decimal point went entering my max and will have to eat the unplanned cost of this item.  Still a good buy, but not my intended purchase point.  It will be used at the West Coast Wedding.  

12 Silk Fake Flower Heads: I won this on ebay after 3 weeks of losing on other lots like it.  I won it for  $0.31.  They are purple and will be used at the West Coast Wedding.

*Wedding Cake Stand:  I ordered a handcrafted, one of a kind cake stand for the cutting cake from SuzyQsVintageShop for $104.00.  No one will have the same cake plate as me ever and I will get use out of it time and time again!  It will be used for the West Coast Wedding.

10 Black Nylon Glitter Butterflies: I got this on ebay auction after 2 weeks for $1.94.  They will be used at the East Coast Wedding.

10 Gold Nylon Glitter Butterflies: I got this on ebay auction after 3 weeks for 10pc $1.00, 10pc. 0.21  They will be used at the West Coast Wedding.

50 White Nylon Butterflies: I grab these on ebay for both weddings.  They cost me $4.98. Split between two weddings for $2.49 each.

Bridal Updo Curlers: I will put these in my bridesmaid bags so they have the option of skipping the hair costs and doing it themselves.  This way it will make it stylish and easy for them to look elegant.  I got one off ebay after a week for $0.11 and $0.40 for a total cost of $0.51.  These will be used in the West Coast Wedding.

*Handcrafted Wedding Garter: I found this at an adorable online shop, RoseBudLips, and since it helped me knock out 3 of the standard superstitious associated with weddings made it a splurge item.  I will use it at both weddings so the cost will be split.  It cost around $43.00, which comes to $21.50 per wedding.

Mini flowers for "confetti on tables"=I grabbed some mini fabric flowers on ebay to use as confetti on the tables.  For the West Coast wedding I grabbed: 20pc $0.99, 50pc $0.99, 50pc $0.99, 50pc $0.99, 20pc $0.99, 50pc $0.99, 50pc $0.99, 50pc $0.99, 10pc $0.99. East Coast I grabbed: 50pc 0.99,

Rose Petals: I grab some lots on ebay since this will be used for decoration and of course the flower girl to throw! West Coast I grabbed: 140pc $0.99, 140pc $0.99, 140pc $0.99, 100pc $1.75, 100pc $1.29, 100pc $0.99  East Coast I grabbed: 100pc $1.29, 50pc $1.09, 140pc $0.99, 140pc $1.04, 100pc $0.99,

Diamond confetti: to add a little sparkle on the tables I grabbed some Diamond confetti, I'll probably sprinkle some into any clear containers I use to decorate with as well.  For the West Coast I grabbed: 2000pc $1.29, 5500pcs $3.75,

*Wedding Dress:  I went to the web to find an amazing dress without the thousand dollar price tag.  I found a great designer with a variety of fashions, including the one I choose as my dress.  I found my dress at Ace Fashions for 199.00 plus shipping and tax.  I had it altered at Gemma's Fashions in Chandler AZ for $200.00 plus tax.  Total Wedding dress cost of $399.00!

*My Bridesmaid Dress:  I only needed one dress since it was a small affair.  I found it at the same place I got my wedding dress Ace Fashions.  It was around $100.00 plus shipping and tax.  I love this designer because they had me take my measurements and my bridesmaid measurements and then made the dress to those measurements.  Probably why my bridesmaid needed no alterations!  Total cost of Bridesmaid Dress was: $100.00 plus shipping and tax

West Coast Total so far: Under construction
*Toasting glasses-$31.43
*Make-up for Bridesmaid gift bag-$47.96
*Family Values Kid's CD: $7.50
*Love is a SuperPower Kid's CD: $7.48
Flower Girl Dress's: $19.50
Soil beads: $2.75
Lilac Faux Pearl Glass Headband: $1.00
Satin Handkerchief: $0.23
5 Silk Fake Flower Heads: $3.24
12 Silk Fake Flower Heads: $0.31
*Handcrafted Pen: $30.00
*Cutting Cake Plate: $104.00
10 Gold Nylon Glitter Butterflies: $1.21
Bridal Updo Curlers: $0.51
*Bridal Garter: $21.50
Flower Girl Veil: $0.99
Small ribbon flowers for Veil: $3.96
Ribbon Flower Confetti: $11.41
25 Nylon White Butterflies: $2.49
Wedding Dress: $399.00 plus tax and shipping
Bridesmaid Dress: $100.00 plus shipping and tax

East Coast Total so far:$75.37
*Toasting glasses $31.43
*Family Values Kid's CD:$7.50
*Love is a SuperPower Kid's CD-$7.48
Guest Gift Bags: $2.00
Satin Handkerchief: $0.01
10 Black Nylon Butterflies: $0.94
*Bridal Garter: $21.50
Flower Girl Veil: $2.02
Red small ribbon roses for flower girl veil: $0.99
25 Nylon White Butterflies: $2.49

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