West Coast Wedding

These are my idea's, needs, and wants for my West Coast Wedding.  My budget is only $3000, see how I did as I total everything out in the budget section!  The wedding was in the Seattle/Tacoma area which is where my extended family is located.

How to make Hair Piece

West Coast Bouquet

How to make Flower and Brooch Flowers

West Coast Veil How To!

Table Runner How To!

Cake Plate Display

Alter/Arbor How To!

Garter Reveal

Dress Reveal


Love is a Superpower-CD (kids music for reception)

Handcrafted Pen for Father of Bride Gift

Family Value's-CD (kids music for reception)

2 Weddings in about 2 Years

Color Schemes


  1. What are your wants regarding colors, favorite flowers, music, etc?

  2. Colors for West Coast are Navy(blue), Green, and Purple. Favorite flower is Rose, music is still being decided on.


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