Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's finally here!!!! Dress Reveal

So, I asked you my readers to help me pick out which dress to wear on my West Coast Wedding Day.  I also asked for your help to pick my bridesmaid dress.  Both of these were splurge items in my budget.  I did have the unfortunate luck of getting my dress having it fit perfect, but by the time I went to have the bustle done by a local Arizona alterations guru, I had dropped almost a full size and needed about $200.00 to make my once perfect fit dress fit again.  Most brides want to loose weight, but when your dress fits perfect, the last thing you want is to have to pay to make it fit again down the road.  Lucky for me I found an amazing woman to do my alterations who make my dress fit just as it had before and was so honest and friendly that I sent my groom to her for alterations on his tux as well which ended up costing around $70.00 (he didn't need much done).  This brought my total cost of wedding dress to $399.00 (including alterations and the dress itself) plus shipping tax.  It brought my total tux cost to $159.00 plus shipping and tax. On with the reveal:
The bridesmaid dress chosen was this one made by Ace Fashions:

My wedding dress was also made by Ace Fashions:

You can find this dress HERE.
My Bustle and Adjustments were done by Gemma's Sewing in Arizona. 

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  1. I think you did very well on the cost of the wedding dress and tux!!


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