Monday, May 13, 2013

Cake Plate Display

Pre-wedding I did a review for Suzy Q's Vintage Shop Cake Plate.  You can see my review HERE.  I absolutely love it.  Not only is it a great keepsake, but I can re-use it for other family get together's or I can put it in a display case with other wedding keepsakes and set the bouquet on it or the cake toppers.  My mom was able to make a few of her own to put the cupcakes on.

I found it cheaper and better for the guests to do an "Anniversary Cake" which is what I put on the Cake Plate.  I found a wedding cake style that I loved and had them base the Anniversary Cake off of that photo.  This ran me about $26 from a local bakery, if I had lived closer to my venue I would have probably made it myself and gone to Micheal's for the fondant. You can also check for prices from your local grocery store and save a lot that way as well.  Then, the cupcakes were made by a collection of my relatives.  They bought the dollar cake mixes and some white chocolate frosting.  You can usually make 24 cupcakes with a box, but if you want them to be larger cupcakes count on 16 per box to make sure you have plenty.  I needed about 3 boxes, so about $3.00.  Then you get the frosting which should cover one box of cupcakes so 3 tubs of frosting at about $3.00 a piece for a total of $9.00.  Next, I went online and found these amazing edible hummingbirds in my wedding colors for the tops of the cupcakes.  I found them at Sugar Robot's on Etsy.  They came 12 for about $8.95. I needed at least 50 so that came to about $37.50.  As a gift to us, my grandparents on my mothers side gave us a set of Salt and Pepper Bird Shakers that they had to pass on as an heirloom.  It is a priceless gift that gave our cake the perfect look.  So, for a total of 37.50+3.00+9.00+26.00= $75.50, I had a cake to cut and desert for my guests that fit with my wedding colors and Whimsical Birdy Theme.  The adorable Cake Plate was my only semi splurge item for my Wedding Cake and it's a keepsake and re-usable.
If you want to order some edible cupcake toppers of your own or a handmade one of a kind cake plate you can visit the following online stores:
Sugar Robots: for edible cupcake toppers
Suzy Q's: for the cake stand

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