Monday, May 27, 2013

Table Runners Challenge! West Coast!

Ugh!  I just can't realize I need something without finding out that it comes with a serious challenge!  My latest issue, how to you find, buy, create table runners for tables you can't measure and don't know how long they will end up being?  Fantastic!  Planning a wedding away from home really bites sometimes, planning two can give a girl a headache!
Lucky for me I had an Tylenol near by.  I took a Tylenol, grabbed some peppermint tea to calm what I can only imagine is an ulcer developing in my stomach.  I then started to think of how to fix this latest issue without losing the style I desire.  That fixed it I had to make it myself.  So, how to do that.  Well the best I could figure was to get fabric quarters in colors and styles matching the one's I picked for the wedding!  I watched the ads and sales at fabric stores. Bingo! Joanne's had a 40% off fabric quarters sale!  I headed out, with both kids in tow, to find a crowd at Joanne's.  Don't you hate it when everyone reads the same ad you do?! Luckily for me the kids were amazingly well behaved.  My daughter has fully taken on her roll as my wedding decor planner and my son is there for comic relief.  We hit up the quarters and found swatches I could live with, and got in line to pay.  The total for all the fabric I would need given my guest count and possible table need came to $51.48.  I was able to find table runners for $3.99 in a solid color online 12 for 108 round tables. I have to make at least 12 to match this cost except mine will be able to fit any table I encounter once at my wedding!  I was unable to fine any adjustable table runners online for cost comparison.  Here is how I made my table runners.

First, I laid out my design for the table runners. Basically I decided which quarters looked good together and put them together.  Next, I made sure they would fit the measurements sent to me by my family for the table length   I had them measure across the top of the table and then down to the floor.  You can decide how much you want them to hang over the edge and adjust the length of your table runner according to this.  Now, stitch them together.  Next, fold and pin the edges and sew them as well to avoid fraying.  You can add your own embellishments (patches, fabric flowers, ribbon, etc) to fit the look you are going for.  Keep in mind that things may need to be set on them so keep it as flat as possible.  I added a dark blue ribbon running the length on either side to bring the colors together.  Now, I have great runners that fit my weddings look and colors.  I was able to make the table runners needed and do so at a cheaper price than the disposables I found online, plus they were unique and added to my table setting look so I needed less of a centerpiece   Even better, being made of fabric they are washable and can be re-used for other events or as thank you gifts for people who helped you out!  Make sure to keep one for yourself as a keepsake!

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