Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Capture your wedding!

So, every wedding should have a few splurges!  One splurge I can get behind is ways to capture the memories!  Now, if you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member willing to gift their photography skills to you then you have some options for those candid moments!  You can purchase a bunch of camera's and set them on the table.  Another option that I think is fun is to rent a Capture Pod!  
This way your guests can pop in and get photo's for their memories and for yours!  You can have fun creating props for people to use in the booths.  Maybe you can have a prop making party for your wedding party and their kids!  Everyone can get in on the fun while they help you out and show their creative side.

Their are so many different photo options you and your group can make!  Like brightly decorated masks for the kids and more elegant one's for the adults. For some whimsical photo's you can make some flower crowns.  You can make some mustache, glasses, lips and other props too!  Then, put them on a table outside the Capture Pod with a sign telling your guests to create some memories!  

This is a great option, because the kids can get into the fun too!  If you just get a bunch of camera's the kids can't get in on the fun without potentially ruining a bunch of film.  Plus, you can use the props as place settings at your tables and have them be what your guests take home as a gift!  It will also make for an interesting candid scrapbook, which you can also put on the table with supplies for your guests to make their own page with, this way you will already be done with one scrapbook before the wedding is even done!  Talk about a great way to multi-purpose while having fun! 

So, I would put this on the considered splurge list for your wedding.  Even with this you still can save by using the suggestions for the props listed above and combine your splurge with other aspects of the wedding.  They are also becoming more trendy and more common at weddings!  Another consideration is that renting one and cutting down the time you have a professional photographer for may be financially better for your budget if you don't have a professional photographer in your circle. 

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