Monday, June 10, 2013

Playlist, What is your jam?

So, I'm planning another wedding for the other side of the family.  No specific date yet, just in the next few years.  To save myself the stress I'm trying to get everything together far in advance so there isn't any last minute buys.  I'm trying to recycle a lot of the items from the first wedding into the next which should help out on cost, except the colors are completely different.  Some items will have to be redecorated accordingly if possible.  One thing I want to re-use is the play list.
We had some major issues with the sound system at the West Coast venue, and bless my cousin's soul who offered his DJing services to us, did what he could to keep the sounds going with what he had.  For the East Coast wedding I want to make sure we can shake a leg.  So, while I have songs we had planned on for the West Coast wedding I'm now wanting to be more selective with the next.  We have the time, why not?  So, now I'm looking around and a lot of people seem to think their are songs that are too cliche for a wedding?  For some out there these cliche songs ruin the wedding!  Yikes, didn't ever think of that!  So, now I have to figure out what songs are too cliche and which one's are must have fun makers?!  Any idea's?

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