Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking for supplies for your meal and/or bar

You don't have to have an ugly wedding to have a cheap one, you just have to get creative.  One place to find savings at is the supplies you need and use for your meal and/or bar.  Yikes, Right?!  It's not a place you think about spending when you think about a wedding, but is very important to the day!  So, it's time to get creative!
First thing to do is to create a number of items that you will need.  Example: you have 72 guests so you will need at least 72 drink glasses and plates.  Chances are you will want to have a few extra to make sure there aren't any issues with a dropped glass.  You will need to decide whether to get disposable items or real items.  One place you can start looking for supplies is online stores by typing in phrases such as Hotel Bar Supplies and Restaurant Supply Stores.  These type of places usually offer items your looking for, napkins, silverware, and such in bulk at discounted prices.  It may not be a normal place to look for wedding items, but thinking outside the box can save you bucks!
If you are adamant about having your dishes be real then start paying attention to your friends and family.  How many sets do they have and are they workable with your color scheme?  See if you can borrow theirs, offer some paper plates while you are using their dishes and make sure to return the dishes washed!  Getting an eclectic collection of dishes in the same color scheme can really add to a simply decorated table.  Mix and match them to create a more chic look for your table.  Just make sure to take pictures and label them with the amount donated and who donated them to your cause so that you return the proper items to the proper person. You never know where help will come from and what little touches will make for a more beautiful wedding.

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