Friday, December 12, 2014


I am always looking for ways to help cut costs, keep it beautiful, and make a wedding unique.  So, DIY is my middle married name!  The problem I run into with DIY is finding all the pieces to create my masterpiece.  I found a company that helps out a little bit in the flower department.

So, I found this company called Bloominous.  They make creating fantastic flower arrangements by supplying you with all the parts you need to DIY the flowers yourself.  If possible when DIYing for your wedding it is best to have people to help you.  Give each one different lead tasks.  Make sure that you have whomever is in charge of your flowers linked into Bloominous. You see,  Bloominous helps with this aspect as well by providing video on how to achieve the look you are wanting.  This allows for an easy assemble line set up, just pull up the video on your laptop and set to work.  This way you get the look you want without the stress.  No one has to ask is this right because their is a video to show them exactly how to do it.  
You can also de-stress knowing that you don't have to find a florist, Bloominous sends literally everything your way.  I love it when someone thinks of everything so I don't have to add to my list.  Their are a variety of different looks to make sure it fits your needs.  But what I love the most is that, like all DIY projects, you can use the tools given to you as a guide and add your own twist to them making them uniquely you!  That means that no one will have exactly what you have for your wedding because you took a design you love and tweaked it.  
I made my West coast bouquet out of fabric and it took forever to make each flower.  This would have been far easier to make and I could have asked family to help out taking even more stress out of my day.  I'm definitely adding Bloominous to my things to lesson the stress list!  I'm going to have to check this out in the future!  

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