Monday, July 22, 2013

How to save on Venue's!

There are many ways to save on Venue's, but still have an elegant wedding.  It can be so tempting to spend a large portion of your budget on the location!  This is where the photo's, memories, and celebration will take place.  It makes sense for it to be a good portion of your budget, but you don't have to let it brake your bank.  My biggest suggestion: THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!
 Most people will look for the big expensive venue's that you see in the magazine's, but do you really want to look like every other person's wedding and photo's?

First, check out what you know.  Small intimate weddings are amazing, the guest list is exclusive, you can be more decadent with selections to impress the guests, and less clean-up after!  So, start by looking around the home's, properties, memberships (country clubs can be very affordable if you know a member and are already landscaped for fun photo's)  and business's of your friends.  It may seem odd, but asking a friend to gift your location to you can be a great way to save and make your wedding more friendly to them, plus it is a lot easier to work with someone you know than it is a public location.  What you want to look for is great architecture for photo's and your alter, a beautiful backyard, or a bland area that you could really do up to your liking without changing or offending the owner.  Plus, if your location is free or severely reduced in price you can spend more on your dress/ring/or honeymoon!

Second, look at place's that are free or under $100.  Most of these locations will be outside.  The beach is usually free and you can skip on shoes opting for fun foot jewelry, plus get a free sand scrub pedicure as you walk down the isle.  Photo's are usually beautiful at the beach and you can really have fun with the photo's.  Your local parks often will allow you to reserve a pagoda for cheap as well, again very easy to dress up this location and the photo's can be fun!  (Make us of the playground for some adorable photo's maybe on the swings or slide?!)

Third, the your getting married where locations!  This can be trickier since the owners of the locations may not be used to the request, but that can work toward your budget's advantage.  This is one area you need to be very open with your desires.  You need to outline in the rental contract any changes to the area, time frames, expectations, persons responsible for permits, and everything else pertaining to your wedding.  This way the owner can't say they were uninformed and you have an easier road ahead if an issue does arise.  Places to consider are: farms in the area (barn elegant weddings are big right now and an open field on a sunset is beautiful for pictures); town halls nearby (usually have a nice conference room for events that politicians attend) are great if you are married on a time outside of normal legislation hours; museums for your town (classic decor and their hours of operation are usually small leaving a good time frame availability); orchards (it is very easy to put decorations in the branches for a whimsical feel to your wedding)  are great unless they are harvesting or planting the location should have minimal traffic;   Local historical sites can come with a lot of rules and restrictions, but are usually not often seen in wedding photo's (most places have old mansions, estates, or other buildings protected by the historical society); Lastly, rent some boats (this may sound odd, but on the water photo's can be beautiful and unique, have your guests rent some speed boats to observe from and rent a smaller yacht to say your I Do's on!  if your adventurous drop some crab pods and have a beach crab roast with a bon-fire for your reception)!

Lastly, and most obviously, contact you religious head.  You can often use the church or other religious facility for free or a minimal price.  Chances are your guests will already know the location and won't get lost, plus a classic church wedding is a great way to celebrate your union.  The architecture of religious buildings are usually great for photo's as well and many have recreation buildings that can be added on to your rental at minimal prices for your reception.  Many recreation buildings will have some form of a kitchen to help with feeding your guests.

Where-ever you decide to get married don't fall for the old thoughts on what money should be spent on and make it originally you!  Thinking outside the box is a great way to save and still have what you want, a beautiful wedding.  I'd love to hear your idea's on where a cool wedding location would be, comment below!

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