Monday, July 1, 2013

West Coast Bouquet

 I love the brooch bouquet's with fabric flower look, but I couldn't afford it on my budget!  What is a bride to do?  Well, this bride stayed up for months and made it herself.  Along with the flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets and the table settings!  A lot of pin pricks later and I think I came up with something beautiful!  Check out the final products!

I wanted my bouquet to be even more special.  Plus, I wanted to bring in that old something old, something new superstition to my outfit.  I had the blue in the bouquet color and my garter, I had the new with everything else, I borrowed a corset for under the dress from the alterations shop, leaving my something old.  

Hmmm, tough one.

I found the perfect idea.  I made 3 white flowers for the center of my bouquet.  The brooches in these flowers are from one of my great grandmothers and my mom.  My grandma handed me down the brooches from my great-grandma making the flowers and bouquet extra special!  

If you like how my bouquet looks then you can make yours yourself, check out my how to by clicking HERE
Now make sure you have a great photographer to capture your creation the day of and a good shadow box to display it in!  Let me know how your's turns out!  


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