Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 Weddings in about 2 Years

So, I got the go ahead from the hubby and then we figured out what we can afford.  I have 2 weddings to plan. One on the West Coast with hopes to be located in the Greater Seattle/Tacoma area hopefully in March/April of next year and the other on the East Coast in May or June a year after the first one.  I have a lot on my plate, a venue, dress, and everything else to find/make/or barter for and only $3000 to spend on the Seattle Wedding!  As many of you know, from my main blog Mommy Moments with Abby, I run a daycare, plus the blog, plus am raising 2 kids and 3 dogs leaving little time for travel which adds to my dilemma planning a wedding in two states while living in a third!  Yikes, is this really worth it?  Am I crazy?  I'm hoping that you my readers can help me with suggestions, donations, sponsors, or anything else a busy mom trying to create a wedding could need.  So, my first question?  Where do I start?  All I know is the budget stated above and the basic area it will be with also stated above.  Help!  Comment below with where to start and how to do it all fast!  Thanks so much to everyone who follows this crazy adventure and helps out along the way!


  1. What are some of your favorites, such as flowers, colors for the wedding, music, etc.

  2. West Coast and East Coast will have different colors and flowers.


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