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Infinity Best Friend Necklace Giveaway! Perfect Maid of Honor Gift!

I am trying to have two beautiful weddings on a budget without missing out on the normal wedding expectations.  I wish that I could enter this giveaway as it would  be the perfect gift for a Maid of Honor or Mother of the Bride!  Heck, it would just be a great gift to myself or for someones birthday.  Sadly, I can't because I'm hosting the giveaway on behalf of Tyra Hand Made Jewelry!  She has kindly offered to giveaway one of her best selling Infinity Best Friend Necklaces!
So, while I can't win this amazing necklace you sure can! Tyra Hand Made Jewelry offers a huge variety of hand crafted jewelry to fit any style of wedding in almost any color.  These make the perfect personal message of thanks to give to those close to you in your life, be it for a wedding, or just for your day to day experiences.  Giving a little something to those who help us out is a great way to say Thanks!  That's why I love this necklace for a Maid of Honor gift!   If you can't wait or want more than one, you can go to Tyra Hand Made Jewelry and order on yourself! Or you can enter to win our awesome giveaway going on from now until September 18, 2012.  Just fill out the for below to enter!  
Product Description: 
This original and simply necklace consists of a small sterling silver initial infinity and one customize birthstone.17 inch sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp.


Comes in:
1 Swarovski white crystal - (April)
2 Purple Amethyst - (February)
3 Red coral
4 Swarovski pink amethyst crystal - (February)
5 Pink Opal - (October)
6 Red Jade
7 Moonstone - (June)
8 Ruby- (July)
9 Blue Topaz-(December)
10 Periot- (August)
11 Swarovski pink pearl
12 freshwater yellow pearl
13 Swarovski champagne crystal
14 Red quartz
15 Labradorite
16 Emerald- (May)
17 Swarovski pink crystal
18 Opal - (October)
19 Smoky quartz
20 Turquoise - (December)
21 Freshwater pearl- (June)
22 Deep blue Sapphire roundelle - (September)
23 Swarovski sky blue crystal
24 Black onyx

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  1. I would give this to my aunt who just got married.



  2. I would give this to my friend. She is getting married early next year and we have been friends for a very long time.

  3. ... and I forgot to add my email! So sorry! amstarfree at gmail.com

  4. My daughter.
    jen temcio
    dapperhouse (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I love this...I'd give it to my best friend from high school. She just made it through a battle with breast cancer. I always knew she was a gift to me, but when I thought I'd lose her I REALLY realized it. I couldn't bear to lose her.
    ~Laurie Manning

  6. I would give it to one of good friends who is about to get married!


  7. not to sound selfish but... I would keep it for myself, as an anniversary present haha! I would like to get it in the deep blue sapphire as my husband and I were married Septemeber 12.

  8. My mom in law's birthday is coming up. I would give it to her!
    mcvey1326 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  9. I would like to give one to my mom, my niece Danielle, my niece Kaycee, my sister Rhonda and one to myself with my brother's birthstone of July to let them know my brother (her son, their dad) is always with them for infinity. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in May of this year. This is a beautiful necklace.
    My email address is mommi2luke@neo.rr.com

  10. well i would keep it for myself LOL

    jamie tucker tuckersaver at hotmaildotcom

  11. I would keep this for myself and give it to my daughter when she is older.
    Kelly D

  12. I would give it to my daughter to give to her cousin. spar9797 at gmail dot com

  13. That is so adorable! I think I would give this to my Best Friend Rachael, who (1) is nine months pregnant daughter, and (2) just found out last week that her 11 year old daughter has Metachromatic Leukodystophy or MLD! I would let her know I love her beyond worlds!

    Cary Linkswiler

  14. I would give it to my best friend of 20 years, Janice. Cathie Shane littlered161718@yahoo.com

  15. I am getting married in October so I would give it to my MOH!!!!

    Sara Logan

  16. I absolutely love this :) I would give this to my mom :) she is my best friend and has always been there for me :) she has never let me down! I love my mom so much and she lost my dad a year ago :( there anniversary is coming up and this would help her :)


  17. I would give too my best friend I know for 26 years now. She is a true treasure indeed. Thanks

  18. I would give this to my maid of honor.



  19. I would give this necklace to my fellow Army friend who is getting married on Thanksgiving weekend in Texas. I know that she would LOVE this.

    Selena Brown
    selena149 at hotmail dot com

  20. I would give this to my best friend of over 20 years. We've been inseperable since middle school (even though we live on different continents!)


  21. I'd give this to my sister who is my bestest friend :)

    Liz Ticona

  22. My maid of honor, sister, and first best friend!

    shahida, email: cameronandshahida (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. I would give this to my granddaughter that is gettingmarried in Nov for her to give to her Maid Of Honor

  24. I would give this to my daughter on her wedding day so she never forgets our bond!

  25. Cheryl crain,,, My daughter, she is my Best friend :)

  26. Would give it to my best friend who was also my matron of honor!! Would love it in Emerald. Vicki Wascher bvwascher@atcyber.net

  27. for my daughter she is my best friend!

  28. I would love to give this to my best friend

  29. i would give it to my friend of 15 years

  30. I would give this to my best friend who moved to Cali in January. She is my bestest friend in the whole entire world, and even though we are thousands of miles apart we are close as before if not closer. I am so proud of her living her dream. I could go on and on about her but I'll stop haha :)
    jc.herlihy (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. I would give it to my my son's fiancee.
    Susan Peck - speck.sw@gmail.com

  32. My best friend Sarita who lives in New York!

    Jessica Blankenship - madebyjessblog@gmail.com

  33. I would give it to my daughter, she is my best friend! Cheryl Chervitz, zekthezookeeper@yahoo.com.

  34. I would give it to my sister for her 30th birthday!

  35. I would give this to my daughter. Amy L. Norman artzamy23@gmail.com

  36. My daughter would love this!
    KarenatMommysMoments at gmail dot com

  37. I would give it to my sister,shes my best friend!

  38. javeta acker vetalicious@live.com for my previous comment!


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