Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sometimes I think I had it right the first time...

Planning a wedding on a budget is horrible.  There is a list a million miles long of things to make yourself, plus a list of to-do's, plus a list of haven't thought of's, add to it the opinion and schedules of others and it makes one wonder, why?  I wish I had answers to all these questions, schedules that matched, and some of those elves that sneak into cobblers homes at night to do all the work.  Maybe, we had it right when we just went to the court house and said I do, because this planning business is a pain!
Do you wonder why people tend to offer opinions that don't help more then they offer one's that do?  I've gotten some responses to my postings with what I'm doing wrong or how I should do this or that or that I should spend more or pick your poison of unhelpful comments or suggestions or opinions which create more havoc than help.  While, I'm currently still planning the weddings, I'm hoping that at the end, I will be able to offer those who aren't interesting in spending a small car amount on their wedding without missing out on the classic elegance.  Maybe, with breaking through the barriers I can help someone else plan, spend, and execute at a smoother pace.  So, thank you to those who have offered help, I hope you continue to offer your wisdom and if you don't like what I do with mine you can plan your own.  If you have felt frustration I could use a sisterly I feel your pain, hug, or help, because I'm feeling a little stressed this time!


  1. ::hug::
    My sister in law just had her wedding and she stressed out until she walked down the aisle! As soon as she did, though, it all melted away. Even though it rained and we couldn't do all the outdoor pictures she wanted, even though my son (the ring bearer) cried walking down the aisle, even though the food turned out to be kinda crappy, NOTHING bothered her anymore! Her perception of perfect changed once they exchanged those rings. Hope yours will too!

  2. Thanks for the hugs Nicole! I hope I have the same experience as your sister in law! I feel her pain right now and I'm sure your right once the day happens it will all melt away!


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