Saturday, September 8, 2012

All about the Cake

A huge part of the wedding is the perfect cake.  Finding something that fits the wedding and the taste of the bride and groom is not as easy as it would seem.  I have decided I want something a little different.  I want a small cake for the cutting and then to have cupcakes for everyone!  I need help though, your help!  Check out my idea's and share some of your own!

I would love to have a bird topper!  Shocking right, being as we just took a vacation in July to get up earlier then when we are at home with the kids so we could get a glimpse at some rare birds.  Still, for the West Coast Wedding I would love a bird topper, if I could find a Hummingbird Topper that is wallet friendly or something I can make I would be ex-tactic, but I would settle for something adorable and birdy!  So here are a few toppers and idea's or thoughts on how to make or other bird topper's you've seen is appreciated:

I would love to have an adorable cake but I would downsize it to be a cut-able cake and then have the rest for guests be made into cupcakes with the same color scheme to save money and still treat all my guests.  Besides, aren't cupcakes in for weddings right now?  So here are my cake idea's, which do you think would downsize the best?:

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