Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love is a SuperPower CD Review

My mission for kid friendly wedding music continued, one CD wasn't enough!  I lucked out again when I ran across a CD by Ben Rudnick and Friends.  They created a CD called Love is a Superpower!  Can you get a better wedding, kid's music CD title than that?  Check out this CD!
The crazy songs with love based idea's added with rhythms that are adult dance worthy makes this a great wedding CD for those with kid's attending their wedding! The songs rang from sounds similar to the Beatles to the sounds of the Grateful Dead!  It makes for sounds that adults can dance to and love, but the lyrics are totally kid friendly!  I can't wait for this to play at the wedding with songs like "Love is a Superpower" and "My Horse" mainly because my daughter loves horses right now!  I also love that there are some purely instrumental tracks so that kids can really focus on their dancing or take a crack at making up their own lyrics for a song!  This will be on my kid friendly wedding playlist!  If you want to order it to be on yours visit: www.benrudnick.com after October 2, 2012 when it gets released!

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