Friday, September 21, 2012

I've narrowed my dress choices down! I need your help!

I've decided to order my dress from a designer/shop called Ace Fashion. I love their elegant lines and the details that give each dress it's own personality. The hard part is trying to decided! I have narrowed it down to my 3 favorite dresses and just need some help deciding which to order! So tell me, which is my wedding dress?

Dress #1 is the Simply Beautiful Fit and Flare Style Handmade Wedding Dress - Strapless Slim A-Line Chiffon Wedding Dress - Light Goddess Style Wedding Gown

Dress#2 is the Custom Make Ball Style Tulle Wedding Dress with a Delicious Beading on the Waistline - Princess Style Tulle Wedding Dress

The Third dress is the Hand Made Organza Ruffled Skirt with Asymmetrical Multi Lined Waist Part and Light Embroidery on the Bust Part A-Line Wedding Dress

Now, you see my dilemma!  They are all so gorgeous I had a hard time narrowing it down to just these three!  So, please help me decide!  Thanks!


  1. They are all very beautiful and would look gorgeous on you.

  2. They are all beautiful dresses and all would look wonderful on you but my favorite is the 3rd one. It is so gorgeous!

  3. I think the first one suits you best. It speaks Abby to me.

  4. I like the first and the third

  5. Abby, I agree with the above posts that number 1 would look beautiful on you, too. I do think that it is "you"; elegant.


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