Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mia Mariu Review

Makeup on your wedding day is very important!  The last thing you want is to be wearing your normal makeup that smears and fades.  I wanted to use some of that new type of liner I've heard about giving a slight smoky look.  I believe it's called shadow liner?  I want to have a classic look on my wedding day.  One that my kids will be able to look at and not think, wow check out that crazy color of shadow on your eyes, or antannea shaped hairstyle.  So, I needed to find and learn to use shadow liner.
Luckily for me Mia Mariu needed a review of just this type of liner.  I snagged up a freshly clean face (first photo), the shadow liner, and Precision Eyeliner Brush Number 25.  I applied my cover-up and make up prep and got started.  I used a piece of toilet paper to avoid powder transfer to the bottom lid or my cheek bones.  I used Mia Mariu's Loose Mineral Shadow Liner in Marino. Dabbing with a good amount of the loose powder I just slowly went along my lid at the edge and then blended where needed to make a smooth line.  I have never had professional type makeup brushes before and this precision brush made applying the powder to much easier than those normal eye-shadow applicators. It applied the powder evenly and smooth without irritating my eyelid with the bristles.  I loved the brush and wish I had a full brush set now from Mia Mariu!

You can see the smoky outcome of the loose powder which is much nicer and more natural then the hard liners.  It seemed like a good amount on the brush, but in reality wasn't all that much giving me a good supply in a smaller amount which is nice for the pocket book!
I applied the Shadow Liner in Rosa to right under my eyebrows to brighten my eye.  Topped it off with some lipstick and I was ready for my day, plus I could see how easy and nice this would make a smoky eye look for my upcoming wedding!  Just add some to the crease and I would be all set!

I absolutely love Mia Mariu's Shadow Liners.  I love the look, the healthy mineral composition, so it doesn't harm my skin while keeping me looking great, and that I didn't feel like it was gumming or gunking up on me during the day as makeup can sometimes do.

You can go to Mia Mariu to order some for yourself.

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