Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Values CD Review

I've been looking for ways to make the wedding kid friendly and have had a few very great idea's in comments from you my readers.  One idea I had was to include some kid friendly music about weddings, love, and families.  So, off I went to find some CD's to fit my needs!  I didn't look far before I found the first to put on my list to have the DJ or us mix in the play rotation!

 The First Kid Friendly CD in my music rotation will be by Charity and the Jam Band!  They created a great and fun CD called Family Values!  Topics all related to family and caring for each other fit right in with any wedding theme and are kid friendly so everyone can boogy down without worrying about a new word (expletive) being learned and taken home in the process.  The fun beats mean that the adults can have in on the dancing fun as well keeping the festive feeling of the event alive and everyone having fun!  I'm so excited to have all the kids swaying to "Love is Here" and then watch the adults dancing and laughing to the up beat pace of "Ice Cream"!

If you are looking for a great kid CD or kid's music for your wedding you can go to and check out Charity and the JAMband.  

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